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Handy tips for keeping wires and electrical appliances safe for pets

Unlike humans, our pets cannot understand the danger signs of an electrical installation or wire. As many cat and dog owners in Oxford will attest, these furry creatures tend to chew what they shouldn’t. Since pet ownership has exploded in the UK since the Covid lockdown, we’ve put together four helpful tips to keep your pet safe from electrical perils.

Cover cords to protect your pet

There are myriad cord protectors on the market to keep your electrical cords tidy and stop your dog, cat or ferret from nibbling away at them at hurting themselves.

Invest in high-quality electrical products

Sometimes, the temptation to opt for the cheaper version is too strong, but if you can afford it, you should always choose a quality electrical installation. It will save you on electrical repair bills and help protect your pet against danger. Cheaper products typically feature more low-grade parts and wires, which can be easier for a pet to chew through and break.

Unplug electrical items

One of the most effective ways to limit the damage your pet can cause to electrical installations and items is to unplug anything, not in use. Getting into this habit will not only protect your pet and your appliances, but it will also save money on electrical repair expenses and energy use.

Make electrical awareness part of the training

It probably aimed more at dog owners, owing to the independent nature of cats, but including some basic training to prevent your dog from going near electrical wires and items could save you a lot of hassle. Contact our team today for a free quote if you live in Oxford and have appliances requiring electrical repair due to a pet attack.