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The benefits of electrical inspection and testing for companies in Wantage and Oxford

The primary objective of an electrical inspection for a commercial client is to guarantee the wiring in business premises is firstly safe and, secondly, operating efficiently to help reduce costs and deliver longer-lasting performance. Here at Roberts, as experienced electrical contractors, we supply services such as inspections and testing to clients across Wantage and Oxford with the following benefits.

The advantages of electrical inspection and testing

All companies operating on a commercial property must ensure that all electrical equipment is safe for workers. PAT testing by a professional electrician checks electrical appliances are secure, while the five-year electrical test examines a range of electrical installations.

Keep staff safe

Having an electrician regularly inspect your installations and wiring will help keep employees safe and minimise the threat of electrical fires. Calling electrical contractors should be your first step if you notice any buzzing noises, burning smells or frayed wires.

Confirm adherence to electrical standards

Arranging annual PAT testing and a five-year electrical inspection will ensure your compliance with the Electricity at Work Regulations and the IET Wiring Regulations BS 7671:2008.

Protect valuable data

If your data is kept onsite and not backed up, faulty electrics leading to a fire could cause a catastrophic loss to your business. If your data is backed up, a fire could still wreak havoc for your company and cause significant losses, so always keep inspection and testing in mind.

Save money

Faulty electrics are not only a danger, but they can also result in inflated energy bills. A defective wire or installation will not realise its full potential and will have to use increased power to provide electricity. If you are looking for reliable and professional electrical contractors in Wantage and Oxford, get in touch with our friendly team for a free quote.