Beginners guide to rewiring a house

Step 1: find a reliable NICEIC certified electrician.

As you might imagine rewiring a house isn’t the kind of task that is suitable for DIY, whatever your skill level.

Houses usually need rewiring because the existing electrical systems are too old and no longer comply with current safety standards. Or perhaps you’ve just bought a house and discovered that it has been wired badly by a previous owner? Continue reading

How can the accreditations an electrical contractor or electrician holds help you find someone reliable in Oxford or beyond?

Looking for a reliable company to undertake you electrical work can leave you searching for clues. With many firms making plausible claims for their service, how can a careful customer tell the genuinely qualified, experienced and trustworthy from the not-so-much? Continue reading

Do you need a PAT contractor?

If you are a business you may be required to have PAT testing on all portable appliances.

As an electrician operating in the Oxford, Didcot and Abingdon areas we see a lot of clients for PAT work. For those new to it, the need for regular inspection can be a worry, but we always try to reassure people that PAT has been around for years, and in most cases is a quick and simple process. Continue reading

Hire Reliable Electrician

Sooner or later we all are in need of good electrician to repair both minor and major faults arising in homes or offices. It could be anything from fixing a minor electric wiring system to a major electric short circuit, the need of an electrician can never be ignored.

Whether it is a regular electric repair or dealing with an uncertain emergency, being in touch with a good electrician would always act as a bonus for you. So let us look at some useful tips when hiring a reliable electrician at your doorstep in Oxfordshire. Continue reading

Reliable Installation or Inspection for Panel Upgrade with Electricians

Giving your new or current home an electrical fittings upgrade would make it safer and more reliable.

There are many considerations when carrying out renovations, from the essential, to the practical, to the aesthetic. Upgrading the building’s infrastructure can be essential, especially where the electrics haven’t been touched for many years. An electric panel upgrade would bring many practical benefits and improve the safety and reliability of your home’s electrical systems.

Continue reading