Case Study – Electrical installation by Roberts Electrical

Client: Local Secondary School

Work Done: Electrical Installation and Repair

Location: Oxford

Updating wiring in ICT Rooms: A full re-wiring was provided, including the installation of additional plug sockets. The work ensured the electrical system in the ICT room was brought up to the standards required for its use. The new system was rigorously checked using standard testing procedures.

Replacement of electric panel distribution board: Replacement of faulty panel to ensure the lighting system in that area is fully functioning.

Upgrading on lighting system in School Hall, Staff-rooms, Classrooms and Library: The work on this large area of the school included replacement of aging or inadequate components of the lighting system, as per the client’s requirements.

Full inspection: A comprehensive inspection was carried out of the school’s electrical system to reduce the risk of electrical fault, ensure fault free functioning and ability to cope with varying demand.