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Finding a fully qualified and registered electrician for your business

When it comes to buildings services you need contractors who are experienced and able to undertake the kind of work that you require. When it comes to finding an electrician that means someone who is capable of working with your complex systems or high voltage installations.

The best way of finding an electrical contractor you can rely on is to look at the kind of work they regularly carry out, and to ask questions specific to your needs – you’ll soon identify whether that company has the specialist experience you require.

Of course there are widely recognised accreditation schemes you can use as a guide, and any company claiming to be qualified to undertake commercial contracts who is not registered with NICEIC should be treated with caution.

Looking at costs will be an important aspect of any search, but remember to keep value for money in mind – the cheapest quote may not be the most cost effective overall if you have to deal with overrunning projects, unreliable estimates, or even the cost of dealing with mistakes.

Ask questions and if possible find previous clients for their opinion. A good commercial electrician should have a demonstrable track record to prove their worth.

Why not find out if Roberts Electrical is the right electrician for you?

At Roberts Electrical we work hard to make sure we can offer competitive rates for top quality work. Every client is valued, whether you want us for a one-off installation job, or an ongoing maintenance and repair contract.

We invest in the ongoing training and development of our electricians to ensure that from automated building systems to workshops, schools, and luxury hotels, we have the expertise to deliver the work.

If you are looking for testing and inspection, repair and maintenance, installation, or CCTV and alarms systems, why not find out how Roberts can help.