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Do you need a PAT contractor?

If you are a business you may be required to have PAT testing on all portable appliances.
As an electrician operating in the Oxford, Didcot and Abingdon areas we see a lot of clients for PAT work. For those new to it, the need for regular inspection can be a worry, but we always try to reassure people that PAT has been around for years, and in most cases is a quick and simple process.

You will need a PAT contractor if…

  • You have staff
  • You have volunteers
  • You have members of the public

… using your portable, mains wired appliances.
This can include:

  • Kettles
  • Hand dryers
  • Shredders
  • IT equipment
  • Hoovers or floor cleaners
  • Electrical heaters
  • Vending machines
  • Hot drinks machines

The level of testing needed depends on the kind of appliances and their use. So an office where staff use IT equipment and a kettle would require a lighter touch testing regime than a workshop with a belt sander, or a farm using high voltage equipment.
What is a PAT test
PAT, or Portable Appliance Testing is a short test with a visual assessment of the item’s condition, a test to make sure it works, and finally a current test.
A record will then be made of the test, the result and the date, usually displayed on the item.
Finding a contractor
With the right contract in place with the right company, you won’t have to give too much time or thought to your PAT testing obligation. At Roberts we will be done quickly and with no disruption to your business, and at a time convenient to you.

As a fully accredited and qualified electrician and electrical contractor we will be sure to leave you with a full report for your records, and details of any follow up required. Get in touch for all kinds of testing and inspection in Oxford, Didcot and Abingdon.